Cornwall Hotel and Spa Engagement Disco

Engagement Disco

Last night was a fantastic evening at The Cornwall Hotel and Spa venue. An Engagement disco at a remarkably classy establishment, which would complement any event.

Such a large attendance list for a spectacular evening. The happy couple were over the moon with such a successful evening.

The function room at The Cornwall Hotel and Spa would grace the most sophisticated of events, with the addition of Disco In Kernow, to provide the ultimate entertainment program.

A Meet and Greet session began the evening, with guests being welcomed by the wonderful hosts, with Disco In Kernow providing comfortable background music to allow all to mingle and regenerate old friendship and form new relationships.

Once all were settled and the bar within the function room was in full flow with the fantastic and attentive Jen and Amber, The Cornwall Hotel and Spa catering department delivered probably the best buffet I have ever seen at a Disco In Kernow event.

Hot and cold foods aplenty, designed to satisfy the most diverse pallet and hungry bellies. Wow, what a spread!

Once the appetite of the guests was suitably satisfied, the dancing began, and continued flawlessly, with a variety of musical tastes being catered for. Dave, the charismatic DJ and air-conditioning above the dance floor, made for a very comfortable evening with all having a whale of a time, burning off the calories of the extensive buffet, concluding with Disco In Kernow earning a massive round of applause at the conclusion of the disco.

The Cornwall Hotel and Spa can provide the function room for any evening, being a birthday party, engagement, wedding or any other significant celebration.

Why not add to your experience by booking accommodation at such a prestigious location, and even indulge yourself with a full body massage, or other special treatment or a session in the eternal pool.

Such a special location, venue and Disco for your special event and wonderful celebrations.