Strawberry Fields Christmas Disco, Disco in Kernow

Strawberry Fields Lifton

Christmas Party, Strawberry Fields, Lifton near Launceston.

Yet another fantastic Christmas Party at Strawberry Fields,

Lifton. An outstanding venue to bring your Christmas cheer to the front and

 kick start all your festivities. Arranged by Strawberry Fields for small local businesses with

minimal staff levels. Boost your atmosphere and energy levels by sharing the

celebrations with other small businesses.

Attendees were greeted at the door by the enthusiastic and

attentive staff, and started the evening of on the right foot with a

complimentary glass champagne. Having found their seat, entertainment was

provided at the table by Magic Martin, a highly engaging and charismatic

magician who captivated all. All this with the musical memories of bygone 

Christmases from the extensive musical library of Disco In Kernow.

Empty bellies were satisfied with a wonderful carvery and

 choice of sweats, all of which went down very well.

Once everyone’s appetites were satisfied, Magic Martin 

provided further entertainment, with team competitions and quizzes. Watching 

the local business competing against each other provided great entertainment 

for me too. All concluding with a great local version of the Manikin Challenge, 

which can be seen of Disco In Kernow facebook page. Check it out for a giggle.

Then the evening then turned to the Ultimate, Disco In 

Kernow. Sounds from past and present throughout the remainder of the evening,

much drunken merriness and immense partying for all present. Non-stop Christmas 

Party at Strawberry Fields until the early hours of the following morning.

So many requests and so little time. Lets all do it again.

Don’t forget to check out Strawberry Fields own website for 

information on their full facilities. Their function room is available for all

 parties, and Strawberry Fields also provide Wedding Packages. Don’t forget to complement

any party you plan with Disco In Kernow. The Latest Hits and the Greatest 

Memories from the Ultimate Disco Experience.